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Ubiquitous network for smart grids (Networks, Routing, Distributed computing)
HEI ISA ISEN Group, Lille
Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory
Computer Science and IT Telecommunications Data Analysis 
Full Description:

Main supervisor: Nathalie Mitton ( , FUN project team, Inria Lille-Nord Europe

Co-supervisor: Nicolas Gouvy ( ), SMART-decision Project-team, HEI Lille

Place of work: HEI Lille, 13 rue de Toul, 59000 Lille, France

Salary: Approximatively 1400€ (after taxes) w. health insurance


The Inria FUN research team ( and the HEI SMART-decision
research team ( are looking for a self-motivated
full-time Ph.D. student.

The positions is fully funded ( for three years) and the starting date is expected
to be October1st  2015.


*** PhD topic ***

The purpose of the proposed PhD is to investigate the use of a ubiquitous network
for monitoring and controlling the current energy infrastructures, sources and
storage capacities in order to make the current grid evolve to a smart grid
where there are as much energy sources as consuming endpoints. This leverages
the wireless sensor and actuator networks technologies in order to avoid
massive infrastructure work. This will feature duplex multi-hop routing
protocols that will have to meet the QoS requirements of relevance such as
latency, data delivery guarantee and traffic prioritization while guaranteeing
energy efficiency. Moreover, the network will have to handle multi-level
decision making related to energy routing across the grid in order to create
the Internet of Energy.

The candidate will first propose routing algorithms considering the smart grid specificities
and associated QoS requirements. In particular, the proposed solutions have to
handle the high dynamicity of the network (with the appearance and
disappearance of multiple renewable energy sources and associated network
nodes), its size, and its mandatory traffic prioritization constraints.

Thereafter, the candidate will integrate some energy and traffic prediction models across
the network in order to limit communication and expand network nodes battery

The third stage will focus on the decision making aspects related to energy routing
across the grid. The sensor and actuator networks will sense data that needs to
be processed automatically in order to fulfill smart grid QoS constraints.
Issues to be investigate include: When and where to send and process the data?
How to handle network hardware heterogeneity in terms of processing
power?  Several clustering strategies will be studied. Different
aggregation mechanisms could be envisioned. Taken decisions will trigger
actuators across the network.

Finally, some performance evaluation will be performed.


*** Conditions for application ***

You must hold a Master’s in computer science, control engineering, mathematics,
scientific computation or an equivalent diploma.


*** How to apply ***

Submit the following material to and :

-Detailed CV including full publication record

- Letter of motivation

-Letters of recommendation


Application may be submitted till the position is filled.


*** References ***

A. Ghaddar, T. Razafindralambo, I. Simplot-Ryl, D. Simplot-Ryl, S. Tawbi, A.
Hijazi. “Investigating Data Similarity and Estimation Through Spatio-Temporal
Correlation to Enhance Energy Efficiency in WSNs ”. Adhoc & Sensor Wireless
Networks, Old City Publishing, 2012, 16 (4), pp. 273-295 [Schiele14] G.
Schiele, J. Soldatos, N. Mitton. “Moving Towards Interoperable
Internet-of-Things Deployments in Smart Cities” ERCIM News, ERCIM, 2014, 2014

M. Rekik, Z. Chtourou Z., Mitton N. “Performance and Applicability of a new
Geographic Routing Protocol for Virtual Power Plants” IREC, March 2015, Sousse
(Tunisia) [Trabelsi15] C. Trabelsi, N. Gouvy, K. Hassam “Collaborative
computing in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks”. IEEE CFIP/NOTERE,
July 2015, Paris (France) (to appear)


Posted on: 21 July 2015Deadline to apply: 01 October 2015Start Date: 01 October 2015 Duration: 36 months
The Fund category is Mixed Funding and the salary is 15-20k€ annual gross
Doctoral School is Engineering science in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region.

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