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Why France ?

1. France, home to some of the largest research organisations in Europe, is also a popular destination for doctoral studies with 10000 doctorates per year, 40% of the doctoral students are not French.

2. For most of the PhDs in the scientific field, you will get paid from 1684€/month (gross salary) with a 3 years contract, even if you are not French. Health insurance is included in such contracts.

3. France is the fifth research-oriented nation in the world.

4. France is the 4th country in the world for Nobel Prizes laureates and 2nd in the world for Fields Medals laureates (Mathematics).

5. French universities are well known for their long tradition of excellence with a widely diverse spectrum of research areas and well-equipped facilities and institutes.

6. English is widely spoken in all laboratories. You can write your thesis in English for all scientific topics.

7. Fourier, Pasteur, Pascal, Lavoisier, Curie, Descartes, Fresnel, Charpak, Galois, Fermat, all are French scientists !


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