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Infrared thermospectroscopy applied to the energy study of micro algae based biofuels
Bordeaux 1, Talence
Physical Chemistry Optical Physics Chemical Engineering 
Full Description:

As part of the development of systems for renewable energy, the ocean is a vast reservoir of energy. In several ways, this energy is manifested in one way by natural phenomena of great power and in other way by all the living beings of the ocean. Micro-algae are an important and promising source of biomass. From an energy point of view, the characterization of the performances is essential; this implies the acquisition of coupled data of the chemical activity variation based on the thermal properties of these dynamic systems. This PhD is part of the framework of an international project of scientific cooperation between Bordeaux and Yucatan to develop appropriated tools for the characterization of renewable energy. In this context, the thesis project concerns the development of a measurement technique based on infrared imaging. Thanks to this approach it would be possible to propose a new non-intrusive and in-situ technique for the detection of oils from microalgae for biofuel production.

Posted on: 30 January 2015Deadline to apply: 30 June 2015Start Date: 01 October 2015 Duration: 36 months
The Fund category is Mixed Funding and the salary is Not Specified
in the Aquitaine Region.

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