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CNRS / UNISTRA, Strasbourg
Optical Physics Condensed Matter Physics 
Full Description:

Garnets Yttrium /Iron doped bismuth have long been regarded as one of the most powerful
magneto-optical materials. They are key material for different devices ranging from magnetic memories to integrated optical isolators. We have developed a new method of preparation of these garnets to greatly simplify implementation while maintaining their high performances. In particular, our method allows the functionalization of optical fibers for the production of integrated devices using the Faraday effect.

This thesis aims multiple objectives. Initially, it will be necessary to optimize the implementation process of garnets to refine the understanding of interacting phenomena and get the highest possible performance. The next step is the demonstration of magnetic field sensors exploiting the properties of garnets and of their manufacturing process.

This work will be conducted entirely IPCMS where all the material chemistry, optics and magnetism skills are combined and will ensure the success of this study.

This thesis is mainly experimental. The candidate will carry out the physico-chemical and optical characterization of materials. Then he will have to realize the envisaged devices. To achieve these objectives, we seek candidates primarily motivated by work in the laboratory, preferably having
strong skills in optical and / or in materials physics. Conducted under the ANR FOGAMO, this thesis will enable the future doctor with skills in different areas and to participate in a research project with a strong aspect of development.


Posted on: 28 July 2016Deadline to apply: 30 September 2016Start Date: 01 December 2016 Duration: 36 months
The Fund category is Public Funding - Region (State) and the salary is 25-30k€ annual gross
Doctoral School is Physics and physical chemistry in the Alsace Region.

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