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Design, assembly, optimisation and test of diffractive optical element based laser illuminators for automatic face recognition
Télécom Bretagne, Brest
Optical Physics Telecommunications Electrical, Electronic and Semiconductors 
Full Description:

In the framework of the recently awarded French National Research project, LIVEFACE, the optics department of Telecom Bretagne is looking for candidates for a PhD in the field of photonics. The aim of the LIVEFACE project is to develop novel biometric identification systems to be
included in mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). Biometric  identification combines practicality and simplicity for users with a high level of security level compared to ID document (passport, identity card) based verification and as a result is currently the subject of  intensive research and development, at both the academic and industrial level. The project aims to combine the high quality image sensors and processing power of modern smartphones with active, structured and smart illumination to overcome luring techniques (for example presenting printed photos rather than real faces).

The role of Telecom Bretagne in the project is to design, assemble, optimise and test the structured illumination module based on the use of Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs). DOEs are versatile optical devices containing computer designed
micro- and nano-structures capable of diffracting a laser beam into
almost any desired light pattern. They are increasingly being used for
an ever widening range of photonics applications: laser beam shaping,
high speed optical communications, energy efficient LED lighting,
photovoltaics, etc. Telecom Bretagne has over 15 years of experience in
this field and, thanks to several European projects, now possesses
extremely high performance facilities (dedicated cleanrooms and
photoplotters) for DOE fabrication and replication. So far however,
these devices have generally been used with relatively high beam quality
lasers, small diffraction angles and without strong cost constraints.
The application targeted here will require a highly compact module (cm3
to mm3 ), the use of cheaper, poorer beam quality lasers, allowance for
extremely strong cost constraints (a few euros maximum for the complete
module in mass production) and diffraction angles at the limit or
beyond current DOE design and fabrication capacities. In addition to the
opto-mechanical modelling, design and assembly of the illumination
module, the work of the PhD will thus necessarily involve the
improvement and extension of DOE design algorithms (both commercial and
in-house DOE design software are available at Telecom Bretagne) and of
fabrication facilities to take them beyond the current state of the art
in the field. At the same time the research must be conducted in very
close collaboration with the industrial lead partner Morpho-Safran
(frequent trips to their facilities in Paris) to optimize the DOE design
and illumination module’s overall practical performance to the
requirements of their face recognition algorithms and industrial
production constraints.Full advantage will be taken of Telecom
Bretagne DOE fabrication facilities to perform numerous (1) theoretical
model → (2) simulation → (3) fabrication → (4) experimental
evaluation design cycles to optimise module performance and cost. The
successful candidate will be expected to learn to design, fabricate
(cleanroom), integrate and test their own DOEs during the PhD. Other
industrial applications requiring structured illumination with low-cost
modules, particularly those with large diffraction angles will also be
addressed during the thesis.

Posted on: 15 September 2015Deadline to apply: 15 October 2015Start Date: 01 December 2015 Duration: 36 months
The Fund category is Public Funding - Region (State) and the salary is Not Specified
in the Bretagne Region.

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