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Collaborative Systems Engineering-Methodology for the design of mecatronics systems
Engineering Systems 
Full Description:

Subject (see Spanish version at the end of the document)


Actually the amount of projects designed and developed around the world
is immense, and one of the hardly reached longed for attributes is considered
more but, when not covering the criteria with quality. This last one focuses to
the agreement between established the functional requirements and of yield in
the projects.


The development of mechatronic systems represents a difficult task, its
success or failure is due mainly to that it involves hardware and software
requirements. The analysis is one of the tasks more critics in the development
of mechatronics systems, their bad execution hits in the other tasks and
depending on the task where the errors are detected the cost of recovery in
time and money can be very high, this also depends on the dimension of the


Methodologies, techniques and tools developed for this task exist,
nevertheless some are incomplete or difficult to follow due to its high
complexity, generally, this is only due to that the development models do not
describe like making this task, what is due to obtain from her. This work must
as objective design a methodology guide for the design of a servicing platform
in the mecatrónicos systems analysis & design, which allows guiding the
analyst of these systems of concrete way, to make its task of clear and easy
form, when indicating the techniques to use and products to generate.


Its formalization is based on the recommendations that the Engineering
of Systems governs (ES), when applying Traditional Methodologies like the
incremental evolutionary cascade and (to give pursuit to the model of service
life of products to generate) and agile methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban
(for the Management of the Projects, MP).


The model that is obtained from the methodology will be validated in
practical form; the first results will be obtained applying the methodology in
two mechatronics projects.


The expected results are focused on:

1. The elaboration of a methodological guide that allows to integrate
the recommendations of the systems engineering and the project management that
are based on the Engineering of the Collaboration, doing use of techniques of
the Engineering of Requirements and the analysis of the business processes.

2. The validation of the methodology that will be realized with two
mecatrónicos systems, developed by two interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary
groups of collaboration, laboratory LAAS of Toulouse, France and the Robotics
and Engineering of Systems  laboratory of the Technological Institute of
Toluca, Mexico.

3. Problems of non cooperation between technical engineers and project
managers, and of the need for laying out to methodological guide that it
integrates methods and tools to supervises and control the advance of the
projects overall, and to share the decisions.

The Mexican and French laboratories will be responsible for the
exchanges and the implementation of the PhD formation, as well as of the
application of their knowledge on two real study cases with the objective to
testing and validate the methodology. Thus, the results got on preliminary
cases of studies could be confronted with these experiments.


The following diagram shows the distribution of each activity to be
carried out during the studies of doctorate, it should be looked at that the
activities will start from 2015 and finish in 2019.

Research work will begin with a state of art study on processes, data
and methods relative to the subject, and finish with the writing of the memory.
The PhD student will be integrated to a project team (researchers, industrial
managers, PhD students) which aims to define and realize a software prototype
to support decision making for project management in the context of system
engineering projects.


Good level of (spoken, read and written) English

Knowledge or notions on Engineering of systems and project management

Programming skills in different platforms

Minimum average of 8,0 or equivalent.

No French level is required, whether some basic notions of French will be appreciated.

Scientific Collaboration between foreign Universities

The Collaboration between the two institutions started in 2003, more
than 11 years ago. It started with the master's studies of Mrs. Citlalih
Gutiérrez, directed by Mrs. Claude Baron. It continued during three years of
doctorate of Mrs. Gutiérrez in France. Many publications, in international
conferences, in reviews, as well as a chapter in a book, were published during
the thesis. Collaboration continued still after the return of Mrs. Gutiérrez to
Mexico and was concretized by new publications. This ways, thesis of master degree
of Angelica Millán Díaz, with the subject "Determinación de Requerimientos Funcionales
utilizando Representaciones Semánticas", submitted
on January 2011 and done in the Technological Institute of Toluca (Mexico), was
supervised by Mrs. Citlalih Gutierrez and Mrs. Claude Baron (co-advisor).

Advisors Biographies

 Claude BARON is full professor
in computer sciences at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of
the University of Toulouse (France). She teaches systems engineering, system
design and modelling, and system reliability for real time and critical
embedded software systems in master programs. She also is in charge of
International Cooperation at the master level for INSA Toulouse. Her current
research is focusing on systems engineering, collaborative engineering and
project management in engineering projects. She develops her research
activities in the LAAS-CNRS laboratory in Toulouse. She is the author of many
international articles, (co)authored several books and received several awards
for her results.


 Citlalih Gutiérrez Estrada,
made a Ph.D in the Microelectronic with the speciality in Design of Circuits
and Microsystems, in Toulouse France in 2004, a Master degree in Computer
sciences in 2000 with the speciality in Pattern Recognition. She is full
professor in mechatronics at the Technological Institute of Toluca (Mexico).
She teaches systems engineering, system design and modelling, and research
methodology. Her current research is focusing on systems engineering,
collaborative engineering and project management in engineering projects. She
is the author of many international articles.

Contact :






Posted on: 01 February 2015Deadline to apply: 01 October 2019Start Date: 01 October 2015 Duration: 36 months
The Fund category is Public Funding - University and the salary is Not Specified
Doctoral School is Systems in the Midi-Pyrénées Region.

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